Hi! Anyone needs a Communication designer?
Here I am.

Catch a bit of myself

Born in Napoli on '88, I lived in London, Sardinia and currently working in Milan. I studied at University of Federico II, Indipenden AIT Tech Lab of Napoli, and then I won a scholarship and graduated with 110/110 cum laude (BA) at NABA as Communication Designer & Art Director. I'm currently employed as Front-End Developer & UI/UX Designer at Digital Forest, Milan, and also available as a freelancer with VAT (Partita IVA). I'm a hard worker always careful on details, flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others. Push-me and take a look on my personal selfpromotion resume!

Overview on my projects

All along involved on information technology, after studying at Federico II University of Napoli and a few years spent in the UK, my decision to deepen the graphic design and web communication, reaching the NABA Accademy in Milan, where I decided to improve my communication design skills and get my bachelor's degree.
Here you can see some of my works on my behance portfolio.

Let's stay in touch!

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